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Historic Rate Data

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 01 January 185269711 File Folder
 02 February 140963297 File Folder
 03 March 143305520 File Folder
 04 April 134508277 File Folder
 05 May 278996719 File Folder
 06 June 218992643 File Folder
 07 July 226951910 File Folder
 08 August 400852218 File Folder
 09 September 329622912 File Folder
 10 October 392437556 File Folder
 11 November 290038950 File Folder
 12 December 394212165 File Folder
 This is the home directory 0 File

Data Format:

The data provided here is supplied in Comma Separated Value format. Please note that the files often contain more than 65,536 rows, this is greater than Microsoft Excel is capable of displaying. We recommend that the data is used with an application able to handle large volumes of data.

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